‘Face the truth’ is the best advice we
have to give – to clients and to each other.
It sounds simple, but ‘facing the truth’ is easier said than done. These days the truth can be both inconvenient and unpopular. We hope you will find inspiration reading about 10 truths we have had to face.

20 years ago, an average media plan took around 50 decisions to make. Today, it is more like 5.000. Without an artificial intelligence you can no longer keep up. That’s why we are a tech company in an industry of media agencies.

Whenever an industry becomes digitized, the opportunity for more transparency arises. Customers want to be able to track, compare and customize. Because we only want to pay for things that add value. In order to be trusted advisers, we have to be transparent advisers.

Since the beginning, the effectiveness of advertising has been debated.
Without an A.I. to make the connection, branding and business have kept separate score boards. But now, the CMO can finally ’speak’ CFO. And even though, we work in marketing, we talk business

The jobs that once required people to think like machines are disappearing. But it will take more than one kind of intelligence to revolutionize marketing. Our company is creating new jobs every day that require people to think like people.

A.I. is turning the world upside down, and ‘change’ is the new world order. We might have seen it coming. But we haven’t seen the last of it. We have to be ready to be a new company every day. So, keep your mind open, and keep your face in the forward direction.

Technology is democratizing everything from creativity to business. Skills that once belonged to a few, are now accessible to everyone. We are doing our part by turning media planning into a software, because we like the idea of helping people help themselves.

In this digital age, a mistake is sometimes the most valuable contribution you can make. While a fine tuned machine will never find more than room for improvement, a human error can unbalance the equation and make room for new ideas. So, don’t be so afraid to fail.

Don’t fight it! Whether you like it or not, the whole world is changing. Accept that it’s bigger than both you and me, and let’s work together; across disciplines, across borders, and across the counter. Undo your ego and join the team.

A.I. can help bring clarity to marketing. However, real transparency begins with you and me. If we are not clear and honest when it matters, we leave each other in the dark. First step is to talk to each other and not about each other.

The media agency industry is not the first industry to be disrupted. It was going to happen sooner or later. But since we made the first move, we are an easy target for people’s frustrations with change. Don’t take it personally.