The Media A.I.gency

The future media agency is not an agency

20 years ago, an average media plan took around 50 decisions to make. Today, it is more like 5.000. Without an artificial intelligence you can no longer keep up. That’s why the future media agency is an A.I.gency, like ours.

Blackwood Seven was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 by a group of former CEOs from marketing and IT, who wanted to revolutionize marketing by fully embracing technology. Since then, we have been growing fast with offices in New York, Munich, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona.

All over the world, we are beginning to replace the traditional media agency model, with an end-to-end media planning platform that allows modern advertisers to take back control. With our product they can predict, execute and evaluate real-time and across all media from their own laptops.

Instead of finding new ways to keep an obsolete media agency industry alive, it is time to face the truth. Our work is laying the foundations for a new and transparent industry, based on a simple subscription model and running on A.I and the principles of block chain technology.


The human brain can process up to 7 configurations.
The bayesian model shown above operates with up to 10240 configurations