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Blackwood Seven

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June 2016

Blackwood Seven acquires the Independent US media agency TWO NIL

Blackwood Seven moves into the US market with the acquisition of the Independent US media agency TWO NIL. TWO NIL is a performance-based marketing agency specializing in video and audio media investment. Its roster of US clients includes high-profile disruptive businesses such as Dollar Shave Club, The Honest Company, Blue Apron, and Zillow. International clients include Wix and Groupon.

”TWO NIL has been built with analytics, accountability, and transparency at its core. This makes the fit with Blackwood Seven a natural one. We’re delighted to be bringing our clients a new level of analytics and accountability.” – Mark Zamuner, founder of TWO NIL.

February 2016

Blackwood Seven establishes a development department in Barcelona

Blackwood Seven expands their business with a new team in Barcelona. Barcelona is an attractive location for many Europeans, thus the strategy is to attain promising candidates from all over Europe. The team will deliver software for the company and work in close collaboration with the Danish development team.


May 2015

Conor Venture Partners, Vækstfonden and Sunstone Capital invest in Blackwood Seven

Blackwood Seven receives a large capital injection from Conor Venture Partners, Vækstfonden and Sunstone Capital. The capital injection is to ensure fast growth in the coming years i.e. through strategic acquisitions. It is based on a strong belief in Blackwood Seven’s potential and ability to create a competitive advantage for the clients – thus securing increasing market share.

May 2015

Blackwood Seven acquires the German media agency ‘Booming’

Blackwood Seven enters the German market with the strategic acquisition of Booming, amedia agency based in Munich. Booming’s annual turnover is approximately 50 million Euros and employs a staff of 50. The German market is interesting due to an annual purchasing of media for more than 20 Billion Euros – that market is what Blackwood Sevens wants a share of.


September 2014

Vækstfonden invest in Blackwood Seven

June 2014

Vækstfonden and Sunstone Capital invest in Blackwood Seven


December 2013

Vækstfonden invest in Blackwood Seven

“We are impressed by the product as well as the team. The management has extensive experience, industry knowledge and supplements each other very well. We are looking forward to follow the company in their quest to challenge the existing media industry.” – Ulrik Jørring, Senior Vice President in Vækstfonden.

September 2013

Seed Capital and Vækstfonden invest in Blackwood Seven

SEED Capital and Vækstfonden invest an amount in the double-digit million range in Blackwood Seven, to be spent on further development of the innovative media platform.

”It is a world class team. They have, with their platform, the potential of becoming a game changer in the media business. Their product provides great value to their customers, the advertisers. We are very excited that they have chosen us a capital partner and we are looking forward to an exciting collaboration the coming years.” – Niels Vejrup Carlsen, Investment Director in SEED Capital.

May 2013

Blackwood Seven is born

Blackwood Seven is founded in May 2013 by a strong team of former CEO’s from marketing and IT. The founders believe that traditional media agencies have failed to adjust to the advertisers’ requirements and thus have a strong vision to reinvent marketing, and offer far better business results for the clients at a significantly lower cost.

The business model is to provide advertisers with a sales efficiency of 15-25 percent higher than with other solutions, based on data, transparency and a large degree of automation.

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