Introducing Total Marketing Modeling

Questions still linger like “What are the exact marketing contributions to top-line growth or baseline sales”, “Where and how much does marketing contribute mostly per channel and touchpoint in the customer journey” and “How do I balance short- and long-term optimization in terms of sales tactics versus branding initiatives?”.

Previously, these questions have been addressed in different ways by two different set of measurement practices, Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).

The shortcomings of previous methods lead to Total Marketing Modeling
However, the previous practices have either not been granular or digital enough (MMM) or are based on cookie data (MTA) which will become less available with GDPR privacy compliance and Big Tech increasingly abandoning this kind of 3rd party tracking.

With Hamilton AI we have developed a new generation of unified measurement models. Models that can both attribute, optimize and allocate the biggest share of the most marketing budgets: paid media spend – and without the disadvantages of the previous models.

Hamilton AI – Blackwood Seven’s Total Marketing Modelling cloud platform – let us not only ascertain but actually predict the marketing effects on sales, growth and profitability. All without using any cookies as part of the dataset and still with the opportunity to break down effects attribution to each media publisher.

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