Track sales target fulfilment of past and live campaigns

Single out daily sales, cost-per-sale and media ROI of investments at both channel- and single publisher level

Set future sales target and predict investment level and mix for achieving it

Generate and compare multiple investment scenarios

Generate media investment plans, and activate your campaign

Gain insights into business outcomes of past media investments

You are able to track the actual number of sales generated by your media investments, to evaluate if you achieved the set sales targets of past and live campaigns

Gain insights on how media works for your business. Single out daily sales, cost-per-sale and media ROI of investments at both channel- and single publisher level

Evaluate sales performance from media investments against all other drivers impacting your total sales, such as competitor activity, weather, macro economy, seasonality etc.

Plan different media investment scenarios and predict the business outcomes

Utilizing our AI engine – HamiltonAI – you are able to predict future sales of your media investments.

This allows you to input media sales targets, and predict how to achieve them in terms of investment levels, media mix, phasing etc.

You can also predict the cost-per-sales, media ROI and media profit of future campaigns.

Generate detailed media investment plans and activate your campaign

Actionability is key in reaping the benefits of our detailed media attribution. Therefore we predict optimal media investment mix all the way down to investment levels for each single publisher

This allows you to generate detailed media plans to inform media purchasing and execution of campaigns

Once activated, you can track your daily investments and sales performance of your campaign


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