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Predict the effect of your media spend
with Real-Time Predictive Modeling

Our Real-Time Predictive Modeling allows you to know exactly how many sales your campaign will generate or by how much your awareness will increase. Instead of providing retrospective modeling explaining what happened in the past, we actually predict the effects of your future campaigns.

With A.I. we combine every type of media and market data with your own business data, so you can translate your planned marketing investment directly into a solid business case. With our predictions you are able to create ideal campaigns and reach your marketing goals.

Once the entire modeling process is automated you will not only have live insight and a complete overview of how media and marketing affects your sales and transactions. You will also be able to optimize, update and recalculate media allocations on a weekly or daily basis.

Before you commit to our predictive modeling you can also try our media allocation modeling. The Media Allocation Modeling is solely based on market data. It uses so-called Simulated Tempering, which means, mathematically evaluating a very large amount of scenarios to identify the most optimal media distribution, based on your campaign inputs.

Book, execute and optimize
real time across media.

If you are tired of endless calls to different consultants and suppliers, or you are constantly getting frustrated looking for files in different folders and systems, we have some good news for you. From now on you will only need one interface.
With our end-to-end media planning platform you can easily manage the booking, execution and optimization of your campaigns. We have integrated and simplified the process of managing and executing your campaigns.
The easy-to-use execution interface provides you with an overview of your campaigns, easy booking and editing options, management of creative materials, or detailed media plans, and real-time optimizations.

Track the effects of your campaigns
and evaluate your overall performance

Usually a campaign is a means to an end, like raising awareness or increasing sales. The Blackwood Seven platform provides a simple but very efficient way for you to evaluate your performance and review the result of your campaigns according to your marketing goals. If you are in a hurry, you can view the performance summary and quickly get an overview of your overall status. If you like to go into depths with the details of your performance, you can dive into specifics of the weekly spend and progress.