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“Because of the HamiltonAI model and the optimizations we're running, we have been able to optimize our future media mix to improve our return on investment to incremental revenue by at least 20%.”
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Improve Marketing-ROI with AI-optimized Media Plans

Track your investment from online to offline from topline to bottomline

Optimize marketing and media plans in real time by employing HamiltonAI as a new marketing colleague. We guarantee a significant business uplift from paid media investments when following the platform recommendations.

The HamiltonAI platform analyzes, optimizes and predicts the business outcome of your marketing spend. This is done at the very granular media publisher  level and not per channel. Just like the analysis is performed following the entire customer journey, both online and offline!

The platform will give you an easy overview of the sales impact for any given media plan. Or if you wish to know the optimal media spend allocation to achieve a set sales target – that is also possible. 

With HamiltonAI you will be able to not only separate media effects on sales but also effects from a whole range of other important variables such as interest rates, pricing and PR, other products, distribution, competitive activity, the weather and even COVID-19 trends.

Challenges Marketing Faces Today

Siloed Marketing

Scattered and incomparable data combined with multiple dedicated tools to measure the impact of marketing activities are leading to spurious attribution and sub-optimization.

Fragile Data Foundation

Legacy systems, poor data governance, lack of data cataloging and standardized business glossary, makes it difficult to extract insights out of the data and be truly data driven.

Doom of Cookies

Data protectionism in the form of CCPA & GDPR and walled gardens at Google, Apple and Facebook are amputating existing digital attribution solutions.

Agile Decision-Making

Without the ability to test effects from budget increase- or decreases and do real-time scenario planning – Agile decision making is done blindfolded.


Focus on quarterly performance has led to over-investment in performance marketing at the cost of brand building – leading to high volume leads with poor quality.

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A New Approach to Marketing Attribution and Media Optimization


By providing actionable key business insights through continuously updated and calibrated models, HamiltonAI empowers marketing professionals to drive business impact through accurately, compliantly and rapidly attribute, optimize and forecast marketing performance across all media channels. Get complete visibility of internal and external business drivers’ impact on sales and invest in the most efficient media mix.

There are two fundamentally differentiated approaches deployed in marketing attribution methodologies around the globe. The first is the top-down population-based approach, and the second is the bottom-up approach. These marketing attribution methods are now outdated or becoming obsolete, like Marketing Mix Models based on econometric regression models or Multi-Touch Attribution using cookie data.

The typical Marketing Mix Models are either not granular or digital enough. To determine the effect of digital marketing channels, Multi-Touch Attribution has become more widespread. But this method is also compromised as Big Tech increasingly abandons third-party cookies.

With HamiltonAI, we have developed a new generation of unified measurement models without the disadvantages of the previous models.

Hamilton AI marketing analytics software

The HamiltonAI platform factors in all relevant variables in quantifying and predicting business results

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