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Unified Measurement Models

The human brain can process up to 7 configurations. The Hamilton AI bayesian model shown above operates with up to 10240 configurations

Our goal is to use A.I. to make the task of measuring marketing investments more human.
By unifying the best performing strategic measuring approaches into one user friendly software platform powered by true A.I, we are challenging the traditional rigid, and one dimensional approach to measuring media, and making it easy for you to hold your marketing accountable for growing your business.


We offer you a one-stop-marketing investment platform that gives you the foresight, insight and hindsight of true A.I.
With our unified measurement model you will not only be able to plan, run, track and optimize your marketing investment dynamically across media. You will also have access to the brightest artificial mind in the business - Hamilton A.I. - from anywhere and anywhen it suits you.

Cross Media:

Track your investment from online to offline, from topline to bottomline
Our Unified Measurement Model lets you measure your marketing investment cross media and hold it directly accountable for growing your business.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson.
Our Unified Measurement Model gives you the ability to react dynamically when your media plan hits reality and constantly optimize your marketing investment.


It’s never offline or online! It’s the combination
Our Unified Measurement Model lets you identify which combination of factors is converting investment into impact, so that you can harvest the synergy-effects.


At the heart of our Unified Measurement Model is a true A.I. capable of doing the math that turns marketing investments into profit.
Not long ago a media plan would only take around 20 decisions to complete. Today it’s more like 50.000, and without the help of an artificial colleague your job would be inhuman. However there are fewer true A.I.s out there than you would think. When it comes to marketing investments we just about have the only one.


Innovation is what drives us
20 years ago, an average media plan took around 50 decisions to make. Today, it is more like 5.000. At least. Without AI you can no longer keep up, if you demand the highest returns on your media investments.

Blackwood Seven was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 by a group of former CEOs from marketing and IT, who wanted to revolutionize marketing by fully embracing technology.

With our platform our customers and partners can predict, execute and evaluate sales returns in real-time, across both on- and offline media, from their own laptops.

Our work is laying the foundations for a new and transparent industry, based on a simple software subscription model and running on AI