Answering Marketing’s Big Questions

The Future belongs to Unified Measurement Models 

We exist to quantify marketing effects on business outcomes

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

After a century we can finally put merchant John Wanamaker’s famous words to rest.

By applying Hamilton AI – Blackwood Seven’s Total Marketing Modeling cloud platform – we are now able to not only ascertain but actually predict the marketing effects on sales, growth and profitability using cookieless modeling. Hamilton AI’s predictive capabilities make it possible to generate actionable, optimized media and marketing plans on the fly.

Previously, it has been done using methods that are now outdated or becoming obsolete like Marketing Mix Models (inflexible econometric regression models) or Multi-Touch Attribution (using cookie data). 

The Hamilton AI platform factors in all relevant variables in quantifying and predicting business results

However, these models are either not granular or digital enough (MMM) or are based on cookie data (MTA) which will become less available with GDPR privacy compliance and Big Tech increasingly abandoning this kind of 3rd party tracking.

With Hamilton AI we have developed a new generation of unified measurement models. Models that can both attribute, optimize and allocate the biggest share of the most marketing budgets: paid media spend – and without the disadvantages of the previous models.

The Hamilton AI platform factors in all relevant variables in quantifying and predicting business results

Plan and predict marketing investments in a volatile world

The Corona-virus has perhaps accelerated digital transformation by ten years. Economic recession looms. The MarTech-stack is growing, creating even more data silos. Content media buying capabilities are moving in-house and cookies are crumbling.

In this rapidly changing landscape, marketing must be able to pivot just as quickly. The ability to accelerate decision-making and stepchange marketing operations to a much faster pace is now in itself a competitive advantage.

From marketing spend to marketing investment

Here you can learn much more about how to optimize your marketing and media plans in real time using Hamilton AI as your new marketing colleague, guaranteeing a significant business uplift from paid media investments or other brand drivers.

We offer an AI-driven platform analyzing, optimizing and predicting the business outcome of your marketing spend at a very granular media channel and touchpoint level – throughout the entire customer journey, both online and offline!

Either you want to know for example sales for any given media plan or you wish to know the optimal media spend allocation between individual media from a set sales target.

With Hamilton AI you can even now not only separate media effects on sales but also effects from the most important brand variables, macroeconomic variables such as interest rates, pricing, distribution, competitive activity, the weather and even COVID-19 trends.