Existing in the equilibrium between AI-driven technology, data and media understanding, our mission is to empower marketers by linking marketing investments to commercial results

Our Story

Blackwood Seven, which was acquired by Kantar Group in 2022 was founded in 2013 by a group of highly experienced executives from the Nordic and European media/marketing/analytics industry.

The complexity of analyzing and optimizing the effects of media investments and marketing activities has substantially risen over the past couple of decades, driven by media fragmentation. The task is no longer analyzing response curves and optimizing marginal costs. Instead, it is now a game of balancing exponentially high numbers of data points representing the interconnected reality of how media insertions work and contribute to sales, accounting for correlations of each new day of incoming data.

No human is a match for this complexity and multi-dimensionality. That is why we developed HamiltonAI, the first in-silico data scientist in the world. 

The human brain can process up to 7 configurations. The Hamilton AI Bayesian model that is incorporated in our platform operates with up to 10240 configurations

What we do

HamiltonAI was developed to create the link between sales and marketing, turning your marketing budget into a transparent investment. HamiltonAI can handle hierarchical models that can measure the direct effect from millions of media insertions on sales while also considering investments in all other simultaneous insertions to measure the synergistic effects and thereby find the optimal combination of investment, to optimize ROI. 

It provides a clear overview of the effectiveness across different media channels and is tied to predictions where you can simulate as many campaigns or investment scenarios as you would like directly in the platform.

Most importantly, our platform can deliver media-specific insights that will be transformed into increased media efficiency in the future. The platform itself provides rich opportunities for evaluating and benchmarking media efficiency across time and at channel level or publisher level. You can compare periods on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom level and evaluate your chosen KPIs – CPA, ROI and total revenue.

The business transparency that HamiltonAI provides transforms marketing into a trusted revenue driver, with the advertiser firmly in the driver’s seat by enabling the CMO to “speak CFO” and manage the media budget as an investment rather than a spend.

Who we are

Powered by HamiltonAI technology to develop client-specific models and combines this with human interpretation by a team of highly experienced former media agency and consumer analytics experts. This combination ensures the best of two worlds.

We are building a diverse, inclusive, results-oriented culture. One that encourages people to be who they are and creates an environment where all employees have the opportunity to excel.

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