synergy effects

Synergy models – Getting more than you bargained for

Consumers live in a world of simultaneous media usage. They watch television while they surf online. They listen to the radio while they read the newspaper. They page through a magazine while they stream music. Companies that have understood these behavioral patterns and built synergistic campaigns across different media are already ahead, but can they

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In house marketing requires analytics

Moving digital marketing in-house requires an upgrade in analytics capability

An increasing number of brands are looking to in-house marketing activities, especially the planning and buying of digital advertising. This was a clear trend before Covid-19 but has grown even more in popularity since the crisis when marketers’ world was turned upside down. Teams scrambled to adjust their advertising messages, campaigns, and offers. Meanwhile, media

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A simple example of overfitting: The red fit perfectly captures all data points, but is clearly not a very sensible model; it is too complex, overfitting the noise in the data. The green fit captures the essential behavior in the data, even if it is slightly off for each data point.

The Next Generation of Marketing Mix Modeling is Bayesian!

Just as making marketing decisions purely on intuition is not a wise strategy, basing them only on naive data analysis is equally bad. Blackwood Seven’s Hamilton AI marketing attribution model offers a superior combination between domain knowledge – the beliefs that you already have about how your marketing works – and new information to form a more

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Hamilton AI provides specific estimates for brand contribution to sales growth

The Hamilton AI platform is always evolving

As branding becomes crucial in a COVID-19 recession, so does measuring brand effects Branding has never been more important. Not just because of the overwhelming amount of impressions being served to consumers through a myriad of touchpoints. This “tsunami” obviously makes consumers want to simplify choices in a way where only the most well-positioned brands

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